Fast Payment Casinos

One of the most important factors that separates a good online casino from GREAT online casino is their ability to process a fast payment when a player wants to cash out. While many online casinos will offer you huge deposit bonuses to lure you in and provide you with great service as long as you continue to wager your funds, when you request to receive your winnings they can often drag the process along for days (if not weeks!) before you get your money. Seasoned online casino players know that finding online casinos that actually pay out – and more importantly that pay out fast – is much more important than receiving a big sign up bonus, as fast payments also give you the assurance that you are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable operation. There is nothing worse than managing to hit a big jackpot only to find yourself waiting endlessly for your money. In order to avoid payout frustration, many players are flocking to fast payment casinos and instant cash out casinos. Fast payment casinos are online casinos that will pay out players within 24 hours of the time they placed their withdrawal request. Instant cash out casinos meanwhile will usually pay you out within a couple of hours – the fastest ones paying out within minutes! Choosing fast payment casinos is important not only because it is extremely convenient to be
able to receive your money back whenever you want it, but because it also assures you that the casino is financially solvent enough to be able to process thousands of payments through multiple payment platforms on any given day. The financial stability required to process fast payments, as well as the complex logistics that are required to sort out such a feat, can only be realistically achieved by top level operations.

Instant cash out casinos

Instant cash out casinos have taken advantage of the latest innovations in payment technology and coupled them with superb customer service in order to offer players the fastest payouts in the business.
Using direct bank deposits through companies like Trustly, or transferring funds via popular eWallets like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, instant cash out casinos can send payments within minutes of approving a withdrawal.
While most of the reputable fast payment casinos will usually take up to 24 hours to approve your payouts, the very best casino will aim to deliver your funds within minutes of the time you placed your payout request. Instant cash out casinos must boast an extremely fine tuned operation with a large and highly qualified staff in order to be able to streamline the approval of your payment and have it processed on such an expedited timeline. Any operation that can manage to send out payments within minutes can be considered a safe bet to play with.

Ninja Casino – The leading Instant Cash Out Casino

Out of all the same day payout and instant cash out casinos, there is one that currently stands above the rest: Ninja Casino.

Established only in 2016, Ninja Casino has already amassed a huge following with Swedish and Finnish players and has become one of the leading brands in both highly competitive markets. Their exploding popularity has come off the back of their innovations in allowing players a hassle free, straightforward gaming experience, where players can deposit and withdraw money at unprecedented speeds and without having to deal with any verifications to slow them down.

Ninja Casino uses Trustly, a payment method that allows for instant transfers directly into players bank accounts at a touch of a button. Unlike most same day payout casinos, Ninja Casino does not need hours to process your withdrawal, but will usually have your payment in your bank account in an unprecedented 5 minutes! Their lightning fast withdrawals have practically redefined the term Instant Withdrawal Casino.

All deposits and withdrawals are processed completely for free, making Ninja Casino a dream option for those who prefer to cash out at the end of every gaming session.

But the Not only does using Trustly allow Ninja Casino to process instant deposits and payouts, but it also allows them to offer you complete anonymity by not requiring you to register for an account at all. Unlike every other online casino in the world, Ninja Casino won’t require your email or phone number or any personal information to get you playing your favorite casino games. All you need to do is sign in to your internet bank, make a deposit, and you can start playing immediately.

Not only does this protect your sensitive information from potential malicious 3rd parties, but it also does away with any account verification processes that could slow down your withdrawal, making Ninja Casino the best online casino for fast withdrawals. Their innovations in this area have brought Ninja Casino to the forefront of the online casino industry and earned them accolades like the BGR Innovation of the Year award in 2017.

Factors that can affect fast payments

The processing time of a payout will ultimately come down down to four main factors:
● Account Verification – Some casinos will require you to send over an official ID and
proof of address to verify your identity. This process often takes from 24-72 hours.
● Payout processing time – Casinos will review your account, what bonuses you have
and how you won your funds before processing your withdrawal. Depending on the
casino, the review process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 2-3 days.

● Bonus restrictions – If you have received bonuses for your deposits, oftentime you will
be required to play your deposit amount several times over before being able to
● Withdrawal method – Every withdrawal method has its own processing time, the fastest
of them taking only a few minutes, while the slowest taking up to 2 weeks.

Fastest Withdrawal Methods


Once you have cleared the hurdle of account verification (if required by the casino) and, if
you’ve chosen a fast payment casino that will process your payment shortly after you request it,
then it is all up to the method you chose to withdraw that will determine when you get your
Methods like Bank Wires or e-Checks are known to take days, if not weeks, to arrive to your
account, and are therefore not the preferred withdrawal methods for most players. Luckily, there
are many options that will allow you to receive a same day payout, and some that will even
process your payment to your bank account or eWallet within minutes.
Here are some of the most popular and fastest payment methods available to cash out your
Trustly : Easily the fastest payout method, Trustly connects directly with your bank account
using BankID to transfer money directly to or from your casino. Trustly’s ability to transfer
directly to your bank account makes it the most convenient cash out option, as it does not
require a 3rd party eWallet to serve as an intermediary. Not only are transfers deposited
instantly to your bank from the moment they are approved, but most casinos will also process
them for free. Trustly withdrawals have been known to be processed as quickly as in 5 minutes
at sites like Ninja Casino.

Neteller: While its name may not be as instantly recognizable worldwide as PayPal, Neteller is
one of the leading eWallets in the world. While PayPal stopped taking casino transactions for
several years, Neteller more than filled in that void to become the most popular eWallet in the
casino industry. Providing a fast, easy and highly secure service, choosing Neteller will allow
you to receive payouts within minutes of their approval.

Skrill: Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has been another staple of casino payments
for over two decades. An extremely well-reputed eWallet providing a quick, convenient and safe
service, Skrill is as easy to makes deposits to your casino of choice as it is to withdraw funds.

Paysafecard: One of the most widely supported prepaid cards in the e-commerce world,
Paysafecard has been servicing the online casino industry for over a decade. Allowing you to
send or receive money using a 16-digit Pin number, Paysafecard is as safe as it is swift. As an
added bonus, Paysafecard is accepted in thousands of e-commerce shops online, allowing you
to shop with your winnings directly, as well as transfer them to your bank.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin has grown in popularity as an online casino payment method in the past couple
of years, as it gained popularity in the online world and its value skyrocketed. Boasting a secure,
decentralized and anonymous platform, Bitcoin allows players to receive fast withdrawals while
protecting their secure information. However, Bitcoin’s extremely volatility makes this the riskiest
payment method, as your bitcoin’s value can vary extremely from one day to the other.

Published Date: 13 June 2018

Updated: 10:17 am

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