Ninja Casino BankID

Ninja Casino does not require any registration from their users before gaming can commence. The only thing needed is access to the bank accounts the player intends to make deposits from and withdrawals to. Thanks to the direct cashout policy Ninja Casino offers, the winnings can be in the player’s bank account fifteen minutes after withdrawal!



To deposit and start playing you need to do the following and use your internet bank:

  • deposit_icon

    Click deposit

  • deposit_icon

    Enter the amount you want to deposit

  • deposit_icon

    Verify yourself through your internet bank to complete your deposit



BankID is a service available from all the big banks in Sweden. It can be described as a complement to the Internet bank and offers online ID verification. BankID casinos provide their players with a chance to quickly identify themselves in the easiest and safest way possible – by using their online bank. This makes for a completely hassle-free gaming experience, with instant deposits and direct 5 min cashouts, that BankID casinos are known for.

BankID can be ordered through various banks and needs a software installation before use. The pin code provided ensures the identity of the user. It’s important to install BankID on all the units it will be used on, as the software needs to be in place before usage can begin.

How does Trustly work?

Ninja Casino has chosen to work closely with a free transfer service called Trustly, offering all the money transfers through them. The company offers its users the freedom to make withdrawals and deposits without having to leave the casino website in order to go log in to their Internet bank.

The only thing required when using Trustly is a bank account open to online transfers. No software installation is needed whatsoever and users do not need to make any extra registrations in order to start using the service. Trustly is available both for browsers and mobile platforms.

Making a payment using Trustly is divided into three steps. Firstly, you choose the sum of the payment. Secondly, you log in to your Internet bank via Trustly and thirdly, you verify the transfer. If users require a withdrawal from Ninja casino the process is even simpler. Just click on the cash out symbol and the transfer starts immediately. Nothing to do but wait for the money to pop in.

How does the no registration casino work?

To have an online casino without registration may seem odd, but it actually simplifies the process of online gaming immensely. Since Ninja Casino uses the player’s BankID as verification, there is no need for any extra information. Time usually spent filling out forms with personal details, email addresses and phone numbers can instead be used for gaming.

To make a deposit to the casino, simply decide the sum of the transfer, log on to your Internet bank and approve the transfer. After the deposit has been made, a user balance has been recorded and can be reached any time simply by logging in via BankID. Any withdrawal of winnings can be made with a simple click, and the money will often be in the account within fifteen minutes of withdrawal.